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Little Bit of Me

Hey guys, welcome to the site! For starters I’d like to say thanks for stopping by, it honestly means the world to me!! My name is Zac, and i am crazy about music! I mean obviously you can tell that I am, or else there wouldn't be a site here? Anyways, music isn't my only obsession, I always like to hangout with my friends and family whenever I find the time, I like to chill after shows and watch Netflix (the best), and I absolutely love sports!  


My family is everything to me, they're the main reason why I'm as involved with music as I am today! At a very young age I sort of surrounded myself with music, not that I was forced or anything, but my parents were a huge influence in my love and apprectiation for music. Growing up with a Rocker Dad who played guitar, and a Motown Mom who loved to sing and dance, I’d say I was pretty well rounded. My family isn't only everything to me because they've been the driving force to my music obsession, but they're everything to me because they've been the driving force to my life in general! Music is only 0.01% of what I've learned from my parents, the other 99.9% of what I've learned from them, is how to be a kind, God fearing man, who can respect, and appreciate this life that has been given to me, and most importantly to never forget to be humble, and share this life with the people you loves most:)  


I was a small city kid, raised in Pasco, Washington (to be honest i’ll always be a kid, don’t know why I said “was”). My friends and I listened to mainly Hip Hop and Rap, so I got my fix of J.Cole, Eminem, Drake, and Chris Brown, just basically whatever was fresh at the time... Whenever I’d get home it was like a total blast from the past!! I’d listen to stuff from my dad like, Led Zepplin, Rush, and Stevie Ray Vaughn, then music from my mom which was stuff like, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, and Micheal Jackson, so you could say I was everywhere on the musical map!


My Netflix game is WAYYYY too strong! Whether its fresh after a crazy show on tour, or trying to pass time on the road, or even if it’s merely just to watch on a slow day, I love having my favorite shows on! Right now my go to shows are The Office, Stranger Things, and most recently The Ozark! I feel like it just helps me focus by just having it on in the background sometimes, as weird as that sounds… Mainly what I’ll do is turn on an episode, then pick up my guitar and start practicing some scales and stuff, or pick up my phone and start coming up with the next concept in my notes or something like that, its just super relaxing to me!


Growing up I was heavily involved in sports, baseball, swim team, basketball, football, you name it, I played it! In High School I was the captain of my basketball, and baseball teams, but quit playing after high school to pursue my dream of becoming a music artist! As far as my favorite teams go, I always root for my home teams (Mariners, Seahawks, Sounders, WSU, Eastern, etc.) but if none of them make it to the playoffs, then I’ll immediately start rooting for the “underdog” teams! I'm a huge David beats Goliath kind of guy, and am still praying for the day when I get a perfect March Madness bracket, which is DEFINITELY never going to happen considering a 16 seed has never made it all the way! Anyways, I love sports period, and love to go to a good game whenever I can squeeze in the time for it! 


So thats a little bit about me, and I hope y’all enjoy the site… now stop reading and get to listening!! Love you guys, and thanks again:) 


— Zachary Burrell

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